Vitriol released digitally worldwide




Paul’s third single from Make Heaven Motherland, Vitriol, has been released digitally worldwide on 14th May 2021. Diello says
“Vitriol is a tale of crossed wires, pent up emotion and disappointment in love. It was written at a time when relationships around me were crumbling and it was getting harder and harder to see the origin of the contempt.”¬†explains Diello, “Whilst it’s quite a bitter little song lyrically, there’s also hope in there and I wanted the music to be a bit of a contrast so there’s a mixture of melancholic harps, stop and start double bass stabs and a euphoric sax solo. The music represents the full rollercoaster of emotions that you go through when you’re at war in love.”


There is also a music video to accompany the single. The video features a battle between heaven and hell itself, and includes a dance number!