Into Springtime out now

Award winning UK singer-songwriter Paul Diello has announced his latest album, Make Heaven Motherland (May 28th), while dropping the new single “Into Springtime.”

The insanely catchy piano-pop single came quickly to Diello. “‘Into Springtime’ was written on an old upright piano that belonged to an elderly lady I used to look after,” he explains, “Above the piano was a painting of a spring meadow and I used to get a bit lost in it. She’d let me play the piano after I’d made her lunch and I just wrote the whole thing one afternoon in about ten minutes.”

The piano based track is supported with jazz guitar and simple percussion, before bursting into a full chorus of voices. But this arrangement wasn’t always the plan. “At the time I was listening to a lot of eighties synth pop and I totally planned to turn it into a synthy pop track,” Diello says, “but it soon took on a life of it’s own and it became clear it needed a choir and some jazzy guitar!”

Diello has also released a music video to accompany the single. “The video for Into Springtime was filmed in my back garden the week before the first lockdown in March 2020.” explains Diello, “Its funny watching it back now, we had no idea when we made it that the whole world was just about to go insane!” The video reflects the songs hidden sinister lyrical content. “Even though the lyrics to “Into Springtime” are quite sinister, you have to dig deep beneath the upbeat, cheerful music to find them and I wanted to convey that in the video,” says Diello, “I wanted it to be camp, colourful and fun but with a hidden darkness awaiting!”

Lion’s Tale is released

Lion’s Tale, the debut single from Paul’s upcoming album Make Heaven motherland was released digitally everywhere on 11th Dec 2020


Paul is delighted to announce that his new album, Make Heaven Motherland is due for release early next year and s available to pre-order now. Check out this video all about it…


Epicene returns to Worthing

The gender blending celebration of iconic women in music returns to place where it all began, Worthing! Paul and the band are bringing the sell out show back to his home town where many of the stories featured in the show take place! Epicene will be at The Factory Live on Sat 22nd Feb and tickets are available here-

Epicene 2018

Check out this short video which looks back on the rehearsals and promotional appearances for Epicene 2018. Paul and the band are currently rehearsing for a brand new version of Epicene for 2019.